Fundraising Advice from Mark Organ

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There’s lots of noise out there on the twitter-sphere, but at least once/ day there’s gold. Today’s gold came in the form of a tweet-storm by Influitive‘s founder and CEO Mark Organ. Mark shares some great advice on fundraising. The thing with tweet-storms is they really should be blog posts. So, here you go: Read More

The Zirtual fiasco

As a former part time CFO I’ve been following the sudden demise of Zirtual with great interest. If you haven’t been following along, the company shut down last weekend with no warning. The founder blames her part time CFO, Ryan Keating. Here’s my take:

Whether you hire someone full time or part time, you can delegate but should never abdicate responsibility. Zirtual’s founder says her company failed because her part time CFO failed to forecast 3 payroll periods instead of 2 in a month. That’s BS.

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Why you need Canadian VCs

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I was sharing the news yesterday about Canada’s newest VC fund, Vistara Capital Partners, when my friend Boris Mann asked this question. My objective with this post is not to call Boris out. I’m sure many people ask the same question. But as a former Canadian VC and a huge fanboy of the Canadian startup scene, I feel pretty strongly that our companies should raise capital locally. Here’s why:

Local networks: The best companies can get money anywhere. It all looks the same. So, it’s the other stuff that differentiates capital. One area where VCs look to help is in recruiting. If you’re in Toronto, your SF-based investor can’t help much. Yes, their name brand might help. But they can’t actually help you. Whether it’s sourcing local team members, advisors, banks, etc. your homegrown VC can help. Read More

Only ask customers to make one buying decision

As a SaaS guy, I use a wide number of SaaS applications to run my business. Back when I was at FreshBooks, the finance team thought I was torturing them by always introducing new SaaS tools to streamline our workflow. One of the tools that I use to keep on top of email is Sanebox. This helps filter out non important emails so that I can be more responsive with the important stuff.

I got this message in my inbox from them yesterday: Read More