The "bad girlfriend" syndrome

When pitching many VCs simultaneously, one thing becomes clear. No matter how constant your message is, the VC will approach it from his / her viewpoint, background, context, good or (most often) bad experience.

It is so important when traversing these many perspectives to not mold you or your story to fit what they like or to avoid what they don’t like (the “bad girlfriends” as I like to call them). You need to stick to your core messages, value proposition, goto market strategy, etc. Don’t cave in and acknowledge the VC’s view if it conflicts with your core pitch. As a gentleman CFO, I am guilty of this myself. Always quick to see the merits of various viewpoints, only later realizing that while interesting, it’s not consistent with how we intend to run our business.

Bottom line: know your value and goto market and stick to it. If you waffle, you’ll get caught out and they won’t invest. Or maybe they will and then force your business down a direction you hadn’t planned on.