Do you buy local?

You know you have a thriving local tech community on your hands when you can buy pretty much everything you need to run your business from local startups. I tried this exercise looking at local Montreal startups. Here, in no particular order is my shopping list:

Domain search so I can get my business identity – Ajaxwhois

World-class hosting to get you up and running – iWeb

Find great talent – Standout Jobs

Make cheap phone calls to my customers – Mobivox

Offer those customers live chat & support – Clixconnect

Protect my blog from spam once my business becomes popular – Defensio

Manage my contacts as my business grows – Unyk

Schedule meetings with all of these great contacts – Tungle (disclosure: I work at Tungle)

Find out about every other vendor that I need locally – Praized

This list is just a small sample of the startups we have here. It doesn’t include a lot of great companies that sell to “big” enterprise and carriers. So, bottom line – despite funding woes and VC pain – there’s a lot going here.

How about in your city? Do you buy local?