2009: The Year of the CFO

Economist Magazine has declared 2009 to be ” the year of the CFO “. According to the highly esteemed publication “power will ebb from visionary bosses to the chief financial officer”.

There’s no question that in today’s economic climate organizations of all sizes need strong financial leaders. I’m not worried about big organizations. They have CFOs. I do worry about smaller companies that often wait too long before seeking out financial expertise.

No matter how small your company and budget, you can and should line up finance expertise. Even if your business is not ready for a full time finance leader, you can find plenty that offer their services part time. I have included a partial list of part-time / interim CFO sources at the bottom of this post.

If 2009 is the year of the CFO, then I promise to use my new-found power for good. 🙂

Interim CFO service providers:






In addition, many people operate as independent CFOs. Ask your lawyer, accountant or local network if they know anyone.