Disposable wisdom – two years in the blogosphere

So yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of this blog. I was a bit late to the blogging party, but 275 posts later I’d say I’ve got the habit. Blogging has been a great experience for me. I truly enjoy writing and I have learned a lot + met many great people through this blog .

As I look back and think about blogging in general one of the things that strikes me is the disposable nature of it. Like many of you, I follow a lot of blogs. Some of them are for news. Others, like this one, are more about sharing experience, knowledge, etc.

We’re all busy, so we likely skim through much of the content that we follow, pausing only on a few posts. I know I do this. If I took the time to read everything I’m interested in, I’d never get anything done. Still, I’m conscious of the fact that I likely leave a lot of learnings on the table as a result of my speed-reading.

News comes and goes. It seems like the shelf life of a given piece of news is getting shorter and shorter. However, advice and best practices are lifelong. Most of the blogs I follow are in the latter category. If I consistently applied just a small fraction of what I learn from these blogs, I’d be unstoppable.

Such is the nature of all readings, but especially online ones I find. We take things away but may not retain and implement everything that we could.

Anyway, I hope you get some benefit out of this blog and I thank you for stopping by. I get a real kick out of blogging, sharing and learning. So, I’ll be keeping at it a while longer…