Pen and Paper

Like you I’m sure, I’ve had a lot of things on my mind lately. Juggling multiple projects, assessing new opportunities and trying to think clearly about the best way to get things done. When we’re trying to stay on top of everything, its tempting to just sit in front of your computer and knock things off one by one. But, sometimes stepping back can be way better.

Yesterday, I took the advice of my most trusted advisor (aka – my wife), and for a full two hours left the laptop & cel phone off. Just me and my notepad. I jotted down what I was thinking. Made lists. Scratched things off, added things, etc. I left that session with a clarity and peace of mind that would not have come from just grinding away.

This is not groundbreaking stuff, I know. I guess, my point is, its important to regularly find time for clear thinking with no interruptions. Just you and your thoughts. I’m going to make this part of my weekly routine, so that I end each week with clarity and calm and readiness for the week that’s coming.

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