Which F1 driver are you?

So F1‘s 2009 season is officially over. Now begins the long (130 day) wait till next season. To amuse myself this morning I was thinking about F1 drivers and their equivalent startup entrepreneur counterparts. If you don’t follow F1, move on, but if you do, which F1 driver are you?

Jensen: You got lucky and sold your 1st startup. You know you’re not really great and probably couldn’t repeat that success. But hey, you’re rich now, so all good.

Rubins: You’re experienced and have still got game. But you do feel a bit out of place when you go to all these startup and demo camps.

Nico: You’re impossibly pretty. Investors and customers meet with you for that reason alone.

Sebastien: You’re the young killer who everyone knows will lead a startup to a big exit sometime soon.

Schumi: You’re a repeat successful entrepreneur and a bit of a control freak. You manage every single aspect of your startup and have been wildly successful. You or may not have a very prominent chin.

So, which F1 driver are you?


Got these additions courtesy of a reader, Paul. Had to share them:

Raikkonen: Everyone knows you could do a great job at any start up you are involved with, but these days you are more interested in the perks of the job than the job. Every one would love to have a beer or several with you.

Sutil: Masses of potential, but far to keen to take risks at any opportunity hence the trail of upset investors in your wake.

Hamilton: The stand out young superstar, had a massive exit early on in his career and looks like he has the potential to continue having massive exits for as long as he wants too.

Alonso: Already has a great track record and would expect that to continue, but he’s very sensitive to the other leaders in is teams, best let him build his own management team.

Trulli: Always looks like he is about to fly, but his start ups never quite soar in the way the initial forecasts said they might, but all in all delivers consistently good performance. If all entrepreneurs where Trullis the investment community would probably be happy enough.

Massa: Very high performer, but needs constant reassurance from his mentor other wise he goes to peices.