Looking back: Top posts of 2009

So, 2009 is very quickly coming to an end. Actually the whole year seems to have whizzed by. As I enjoy a few days off I thought I’d dig through the archives to compile the top posts of 2009 on this blog. Out of 159 posts this year here were the ones that were either most popular or most commented on either in the post itself or to me separately.

Happy new year everyone!
The era of the small exit: A look at why the convergence of web 2.0 and scarcity of investment capital is driving more small exits.http://www.startupcfo.ca/2009/01/era-of-small-exit.html
The cost side of freemium: Having a huge base of users sounds great, but freemium only works as a business strategy if the incremental cost of serving each user is near zero.http://www.startupcfo.ca/2009/04/cost-side-of-freemium.html
href=”http://www.startupcfo.ca/2009/04/cost-side-of-freemium.html”>The startup funding gap – from angel to VC: An interview with leading experts on angel financing on the widening gap between what angels and VCs are looking for.http://www.startupcfo.ca/2009/06/startup-funding-gap-from-angel-to-vc.html
The path to premium: An outline of key aspects of your user conversion funnel and getting users to pay.http://www.startupcfo.ca/2009/07/path-to-premium.html
The new reality for VC-backed exits: A look at how exits like Mint’s recent $ 170M sale are increasingly rare. More often, exit prices are much lower which has implications for how you fund and grow your startup.http://www.startupcfo.ca/2009/09/new-reality-for-vc-backed-exits.html
Accounting 2.0: Got to say, I was surprised this was so popular. A critique of the many new web-based accounting packages.
Usage-based billing models: My assertion that usage-based billing models suck. Ended up with some great discussion and debate.