Incentive Plans for Startups

A few weeks ago, I spoke at an event put on by BDO on structuring incentive plans for startups.  My slides from that event are here. In addition, if you download the presentation and run it presentation mode I have included audio to give you more info. As you will see, I shared some useful benchmarks for both bonuses and stock option grants.

Incentive Plans for Startups

  • Matt

    Mark, this is a very useful presentation. A lot of times, when founders begin to hire people trying to figure out the best way to compensate and bonus new hires is confusing, and so they can easily set up a bonus structure that doesn't work well. A poorly structured incentive plan can also be an obstacle for investors when lining up following rounds of capital. (This article is another good reason why this blog was named on the top "unknown" blogs for entrepreneurs!

    • Mark MacLeod

      Matt. Thanks for including me in that post. Much appreciated