The One Sentence Challenge

I was at a board meeting a few weeks ago where one of the directors talked about his time running a startup backed by Sequoia.  He mentioned that there is a widely held belief inside Sequoia that those startups that can explain themselves in one sentence tend to have a much higher success rate than those that do not.

Now, I’m not saying that if you can come up with that magic sentence that all your challenges are over. All I’m saying is that capturing your essence in one sentence gives you the ultimate clarity that is needed in making strategic decisions and moving fast.

Try the One Sentence Challenge for your own startup. Can you come up with one sentence that captures:

Who you are

– What you do and for whom

– Why you are unique and valuable

Feel free to try it out here in the comments or do it privately. But force yourself to filter down to those core words and use the resulting sentence to guide you as you grow.