The Startup Analytics Dashboard

I spend a lot of time looking at operating stats and conversion rates for the companies I work with. In fact, after making sure we have cash in the bank, making sure we have the key stats in place is my next priority – especially for web startups. I wanted to share this dashboard that Akoha is implementing now.

Akoha’s co-founder Alex Eberts has been leading the charge on all aspects of their product including now measuring its performance with users. ┬áThis dashboard is largely inspired by the Metrics for Pirates framework, following the AARRR model:

Acquisition: Overall visitor volume, where are they coming from?

Activation: Conversion rates, segmenting the user base by activity level (dormant, active, super active).

Retention: Behind this dashboard we run cohort or class analyses to see how many people that sign up in month 1 are still with us in months 2, 3 , 4, etc.

Referral: Akoha has not turned this on yet, but it is a highly viral experience. People want to share their experiences, so measuring how that activity generates new users is key.

Revenue is in the future, but implementing this dashboard and using it to track our progress will be very important.

Hope you find it useful.


None of the data here is real…

Web startup dashboard

  • Your solution looks very interesting. I will definitely be in touch

  • We use a mix of google analytics, KISS metrics and homegrown stuff. In other companies we are using almost exclusively GA and homegrown. This is my 1st experiment with KISS. So far, I like what I see.