Be like Mike!

Google announced yet another acquisition yesterday buying travel startup Ruba. For those who’ve been following this  represents Mike Cassidy‘s 4th time leading a VC-backed startup and 4th successful exit. I first encountered Mike when he  was CEO of XFire. David Lawee, my 1st ever VC, was part of that company, which was sold to Viacom in 2006 for $102  million.

In addition to selling Ruba and XFire, Mike founded Stylus Innovation (sold 2 years after launch for $13M) and Direct Hit (sold 500 days after launch for $500M).

If you’re a startup founder or CEO, there’s probably a lot you can learn from Mike. Start by checking out this presentation from him on speed as the primary advantage.

Best Strategy Is Speed (Startup2Startup May 2008)

Audio for the presentation is here.

So, check this out, shave your head and be like Mike!