Top free resources for startups

It took me a while to warm up to it but I am loving Quora more and more. There is a wealth of information and connections on it. I can’t believe how much time people devote to answering questions on it. I wanted to draw your attention to one post from Antone Johnson a startup lawyer where he lays out his list of top free info resources for startups:

Survey results regarding current state of the VC funding market (WSJ)
How To Pick A Co-Founder, by Naval Ravikant (Venture Hacks)
CompStudy 2008 Report on Equity and Cash Compensation at Technology Startups
How to Work with Lawyers at a Startup (Mark Suster)
The Founders’ Pie Calculator (Frank Demmler)
When and Where to Incorporate, Corporation vs. LLC, etc. (Yoichiro Taku) (“Yokum”)
Types of Angel Financing (Scott Edward Walker)
Seed Funding Best Practices (Mark MacLeod) (“StartupCFO”)
Term Sheet Series (Brad Feld) –
Term Sheet Generator for Venture Financing (Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati), plus Antone’s commentary
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Advisors, part 1 and part 2,  by Babak Nivi (Venture Hacks) –  and
How To Pump Up Your VC Valuation (Matthew Bartus)
Series Seed” Financing Documents (Ted Wang) – , plus Antone’s commentary
Employment Law Traps for Technology and Media Startups (me again, at Biznik)

Happy reading!