The VC Presentation Grader

There are lots of posts, templates and resources out there on how to build your VC pitch, but few items on how investors actually assess these presentations. Obviously the two should be linked together very tightly. Your content should be designed to hit all the points investors are looking for.

Since I am seeing pitches all the time, I have put together this simple checklist for assessing them. In the spirit of release early, release often, I am sure this will change over time.

A decent chunk of the inspiration for this comes from Sequoia Capital’s “elements of sustainable companies.”

VC Presentation Grader

  • This is very helpful. Looking over my executive summary to see how close we come.

  • Love it, i often wonder how much investors take into account alignment or just opportunity.

    For our startup we are very upfront about the lack of moderation in our live chat technology and we intend to be very much the lone wolf player and build detination sites rather than whitelabel.

    I can tell instantly if this is going to "gel" with their own attitudes very quickly.

  • Nice list. I'm going to refer to this when preparing my next set of pitches.

    How well does the average pitch you see do on this list? What about companies you actually fund?

    Also, to what extent does traction trump some or all of these points? Just curious.

  • Seems very simple, but very relevant. Thanks for the insight Mark.

    A note for other startups is that you should also try not to OVER do it, as in answer more questions than needed, else people get confused and forget the core message. We have to trim our stuff down to make sure that only the core questions are answered.