SaaS Math: The Series

This past Spring, the folks at MaRS in Toronto asked me to come in and speak about the nuts and bolts of SaaS businesses: Metrics, measurements, business models, case studies, valuations, etc. We called the session “SaaS Math”. The video of it is here, but since that time I’ve had lots of people contacting me to go deeper and expand on many of the points raised in that talk.

I’ve been meaning to sit down over a dedicated block of time and put together a booklet on these topics, but that big block of free time is never going to happen. So, just like movies and books used to be released in serial fashion once upon a time, I’ll be starting ┬ánew series of posts here on SaaS Math.

Over the next few weeks, likely once per week, I will drill into the following topics:

Why investors, customers and vendors love SaaS

SaaS Metrics 101: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referrals, Revenues
What and how to measure

Per User Economics broken down

Measuring tools: custom vs. off the shelf

How to bill your customers

Pricing your service

Freemium in depth

Case studies

SaaS Valuations

Putting it all together: SaaS Best Practices

So, that’s it. Stay tuned for the 1st installment of SaaS Math.