It’s “yes” day at Real Ventures

VCs say “no” a lot. In fact, on average, we invest in one out of every one hundred deals we see. The is a little higher for us thus far at Real Ventures, but still, the overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs who come to us leave empty handed.

As someone who has spent the last 12 years trying to help entrepreneurs get funded this is tough for me. The rest of the team feels the same way. You never know who’s going to make it. So we should probably just say ‘yes’ a lot more often.

So, to restore our karmic balance, we have decided to make today “yes” day. If you’re looking for funding and fit our criteria (outlined below), get in touch. Today only, we’re funding you!


Software (web, mobile)

Stage: Pre-market validation

Capital needs: < $500K for a seed round

Ambitions: Big!

  • Armand Konan

    My idea: How to create believable April's fool jokes? I guess this is one…

  • What a coincidence Mark! Today is "VCs are free day" here at So even better: You're in and it didn't cost you anything! Contact me at to find out more about what you now own. (Yes, it's web, pre-market and going to be massive–wikipedia massive.)

  • Well, if it's an April fool's day joke, I've pitched my idea. If it's not, I have the seed capital I was looking for. A fair trade…

    QuickQueue – Fast Food, Frustration Free

    Idea: online & mobile ordering for all QSR chains focused on speed and efficiency (tim horton's, mcdonald's, dunkin donuts, etc.)
    Capital needed: $350k
    Stage: pretty early – we have built in-roads into Tim Horton's and are building the MVP pilot presently.

    I'm sick of the Tim Horton's line. Especially when there's an office order somewhere in front of me.
    It's frustrating for those stuck doing the office orders.
    It's frustrating for those behind the office order, whose expectations of fast food to be fast are broken.
    It's frustrating for owners and franchise groups… for Tim Horton's alone, it's to the tune of $100MM a year.

    QuickQueue will facilitate online and mobile ordering for fast food. We're working on capturing large orders at Tim Horton's first, then to grow the number of orders and franchise chains from there.

    If nothing else, invest so that your Tim Horton's is faster!

    • Hey, where's my money?

      sigh, I never was good at April 1st shiz…

  • Awesome! Sign us up. Don't really have the idea "baked" yet, but that just means we're not locked into anything. Unlimited possibilities! As luck would have it, need just under $500k.

  • TJJ

    Hey Mark,

    Is this real? Or an April Fools?

    Um, pretty cool if it's real and I'm coming in!

  • i have an idea to compete with the blackberry and have founded First Lirpa LLP. for too long the blackberry has dominated the smart phone market and am totally unimpressed with the crap apple and google have produced to compete with it. thanks for agreeing to invest, guys!