It’s “yes” day at Real Ventures

VCs say “no” a lot. In fact, on average, we invest in one out of every one hundred deals we see. The is a little higher for us thus far at Real Ventures, but still, the overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs who come to us leave empty handed.

As someone who has spent the last 12 years trying to help entrepreneurs get funded this is tough for me. The rest of the team feels the same way. You never know who’s going to make it. So we should probably just say ‘yes’ a lot more often.

So, to restore our karmic balance, we have decided to make today “yes” day. If you’re looking for funding and fit our criteria (outlined below), get in touch. Today only, we’re funding you!


Software (web, mobile)

Stage: Pre-market validation

Capital needs: < $500K for a seed round

Ambitions: Big!