Building Great Startup Cities

When you think of great places to build, grow and sell a startup, Silicon Valley is the mecca. But increasingly, innovation is global and great companies are being built everywhere.

On July 18th I will be on a panel with the mayor of Waterloo (a city that is a prime location for startups) as part of a unique conference looking at the role of cities in fostering innovation.

Here’s the session description:

The Startup Metropolis: How to catalyze new companies

Great companies can be built anywhere, but they disproportionately emerge from certain cities, and indeed neighborhoods. What are the factors that promote an active start-up community in a given city? Why are some cities so much better at fostering a great ecosystem of startup companies? How can cities foster early, innovative ideas and products, and create a city export by taking them to scale in bigger markets?

If you are a leader or catalyst in your startup community come join us in Toronto and be part of the discussion. You can learn more about the conference here.
  • Thanks Mark for the great topic. A number of us have been trying to answer many of the same questions. Will there be a slidedeck available after the session? We are in Florida but would love to see anything you have on the topic.

  • It is a great topic and should be an interesting conversation. The cost for attending is a bit steep for studens or NGO or startups. However, I do note that they are making exceptions for these groups with a limited number of lower rate tickets.