Recharging the Batteries


My man Harley from Shopify perfectly summed up how I was feeling yesterday: completely pumped to be getting back to work.

Screenshot 2016-01-04 10.03.57

I’m not sure I have any revolutionary new insights to share in this post. But having taken almost 2 weeks off, I remember what it’s like to truly recharge the batteries.

I don’t believe in work/ life balance. The best possible situation is to fluidly go in and out of “work” and other things. But if you’re doing what you love it’s never actually “work”.

Our devices and apps further erode this historical separation between work and the rest of our lives. We are always reachable.

Still, this past 2 weeks, I slept in, read books, went for walks and spent real time with my family. This break, first and foremost, recharged me. But it also gave me a fresh perspective on my business and on the challenges and opportunities that our clients are facing this year. 

I found myself feeling more creative and unencumbered. I plugged in yesterday and in no time at all had my game plan for the year.

I guess the point of all this is that it’s important for us to recharge. To truly step away from our jobs, roles and companies. Here in North America especially, there seems to be a stigma to not working. We wear our email counts and hours worked as strange badges of honour. We never truly unplug on weekends and show up on Monday already tired.

As my wife (and coach) is fond of saying: we are mental athletes. We need fresh minds to get the most out of life. 

So, I’m already thinking about the next time I will take a break and scheduling it just like I would schedule a project or other important deliverable. For me, shorter quarterly breaks are the way to go.

Whatever works for you, I encourage you to build true recharging time into your schedule.

  • I like this outlook. Thinking about it, as I’m guilty of blurred non-stop working.

    • Given the amount of content that you consume in your analyses, I’ll bet if you stepped back from that every once in a while some great insights might bubble up

      • True. Currently I step out of it when I drive, which isn’t enough.