Hitting Pause on StartupCFO

In February 2007, I signed up for a blogger account and wrote my first post here. I had no grand intentions when I started. I like to write and I was curious about blogging.

Almost 10 years and 700 posts later, this blog has served me well. When I started this, there were few people writing about startup finance, modelling, metrics, fundraising, etc. Other than some early adopter such as Fred and Brad, most investors had not yet caught on to the power of blogging to build their brands and deal flow.

As I look back, some of my most important relationships came from people who started out as readers here. This includes FreshBooks and Shopify. In both cases the CEOs reached out to chat after reading what I had to say.

Despite my twitter handle, I’m no longer a startup CFO. It feels kind of weird to be writing a blog of the same name. So, I’m hitting the pause button on this blog. No more posts. I will keep it up and running as there’s some good stuff buried in the archives.

Still writing…

As I mentioned before, I love to write. The process of distilling my thoughts on a subject into something concise and usable is a learning process for me. It clarifies my thinking and helps me get better.  I couldn’t imagine not writing anymore.

I launched SurePath Capital Partners last year. We help companies raise growth capital and exit.  We serve SaaS, e-commerce and marketplace companies and have a deep focus on companies serving the global SMB market.

We share our insights on SaaS and SMB regularly in our library. Those insights go out to a large list of CEOs, investors and corporate development professionals every month. I will still be writing there regularly

Introducing Real Exits

In addition to our library, I’m pleased to introduce a new publication today: Real Exits. Over the years, I have noticed that the vast majority of exits are sub $100m outcomes. The tech press universally covers the big ones. But they’re not real. Only 3% of the SaaS exits that happened in North America in the last 2 years were north of $100M.

I truly hope you are building the next Shopify or next Hubspot. But the odds are against you. If you make it to an exit, chances are it will be a smaller one. I call those Real Exits.

After almost 2 decade apprenticing as a CFO and VC, I have now dedicated myself to helping companies raise the capital needed to go for the massive (and rare outcomes) or be in a position to achieve a profitable and very real exit.

I hope you will follow along with this new publication as we explore how to make exits happen for your business.

Thanks for reading…