The cost side of freemium

When people talk about freemium businesses and business models, most of the time they’re talking about it from a revenue or product perspective. Revenue, because the essence of the model is to give away something for free. And product, because this is the key to freemium success. Only a compelling, unique and engaging experience will … Continue reading The cost side of freemium

Is there too much free in freemium?

Yesterday, Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital made the following tweet: Too many freemium models have too much free and not enough mium This is a timely comment as this week we have seen some players scale back their free: Jott– the voice to text service that lets you leave notes for yourself is killing … Continue reading Is there too much free in freemium?

In defense of freemium

Since it’s Mark Evans bashing week up here in Canada, I thought I’d respond to his recent post on the pitfalls of freemium as a business model. As a quick backgrounder, freemium is a commonly used model for web products and services wherein the basic version is given for free and a portion of the … Continue reading In defense of freemium