Freemium Summit Recap

Last Monday I was in NYC for the Freemium Summit.  Attendance was smaller than expected given how widespread this business model is, but it was high quality. Kudos to Charles Hudson for pulling it together. For those of you interested in freemium, my notes from the event are below.

The cost side of freemium

When people talk about freemium businesses and business models, most of the time they’re talking about it from a revenue or product perspective. Revenue, because the essence of the model is to give away something for free. And product, because this is the key to freemium success. Only a compelling, unique and engaging experience will … Continue reading The cost side of freemium

Is there too much free in freemium?

Yesterday, Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital made the following tweet: Too many freemium models have too much free and not enough mium This is a timely comment as this week we have seen some players scale back their free: Jott– the voice to text service that lets you leave notes for yourself is killing … Continue reading Is there too much free in freemium?

In defense of freemium

Since it’s Mark Evans bashing week up here in Canada, I thought I’d respond to his recent post on the pitfalls of freemium as a business model. As a quick backgrounder, freemium is a commonly used model for web products and services wherein the basic version is given for free and a portion of the … Continue reading In defense of freemium