The role of Canada’s Startup Accelerators

The National Post published two articles (here and here) this week questioning the role / impact of Canada’s startup accelerator programs. In the first article The Post asks “Is Canada’s Accelerator Model Broken?”. In the next it goes on to say that “accelerators are failing to produce the next Hootsuite or Shopify“.

Having been deeply involved in FounderFuel, one of Canada’s leading accelerator programs, I’ve got some thoughts on this.

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Partners vs Investors

Its rare that Techcrunch follows me in covering a story 🙂 but yesterday they had an excellent piece on the perils of party rounds that follows on nicely from my last post on investor cheque sizes.

In the Techcrunch post, a number of experts weigh in on the downsides of having too many investors in your round. All I can say is: I agree.

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Cheque sizes are getting smaller

I must be getting old because more and more of my posts compare the past to today. A trend I have noticed for the last year or so is that investor cheque sizes are getting smaller and smaller. Especially VC cheques, since angel cheques have always been within a certain range.

When I first entered the Startup World, a typical VC would make 10 – 15 investments over 10 years. They would allocate big bucks to each company. There are still some VCs that use this model. Celtic House recently closed a new fund and they make big bets. But these funds are fewer and fewer (at least in IT). Continue reading Cheque sizes are getting smaller

Raise enough to screw up!

I have been reading up on some of software’s great founders recently. Currently working my way through the mammoth biography on Steve Jobs. There are many take aways from this reading, but one of them is that these legendary CEOs made a great many mistakes along the way. Especially early on.

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