Raising a Seed Round in Canada

I stopped by Notman House yesterday to visit the current Founderfuel cohort and share some thoughts on how to raise their seed rounds.

I thought I’d share some of the insights from yesterday for those of you thinking of raising your own seed round.

The VC Funnel

CB Insights recently looked at 1,027 companies that raised seed funding and tracked them to death/ exit. Continue reading Raising a Seed Round in Canada

Exits in Canada: April 2016

Screenshot 2016-05-01 22.41.34

After a strong March, April was a pretty tepid month for software exits in Canada. Highlights:

  • 11 deals announced (15 last month)
  • 2 deals had a disclosed value, the largest of those being $ 14M.
  • 3 of the companies were in Toronto, 2 in Ottawa, the rest were distributed
  • 2 of the 11 companies were VC-backed, the rest were either bootstrapped or had not raised any institutional funding
  • 5 of the buyers were Canadian, 3 were from the US, the rest were distributed
  • 5 of the buyers were public
  • Median time to exit: 15 years (11 years for last months’ deals)
  • Shortest time to exit: 5 years (although there was one stealth company that may have been younger
  • Longest time to exit: 37 years!
  • All of the buyers were strategic. No private equity deals this month. Same as last month.

All in all, a pretty underwhelming month.

It was nice to see Toronto’s Wattpad show up as an acquirer having bought stealth company Anirobo.

As always, I report on these each month. If you’re interested in seeing the underlying data, I keep it here.


Exits in Canada: February 2016

Screenshot 2016-03-02 12.21.24

As we get busier and busier with exit work at SurePath, I thought I’d share some of the data that we track. We work primarily with SaaS, e-commerce and marketplace companies. But we track activity across the entire software spectrum.

February was another month filled with mainly modest software exits in Canada. Highlights: Continue reading Exits in Canada: February 2016