When Founders Leave

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They say that the co-founder relationship is like a marriage. Indeed, founders probably spend more of their waking hours together than with their spouses. So, it should come as no surprise, that just as many marriages fail, the same is true of founder relationships.

I have been part of many startups where one or more founders left (or was asked to leave). It was always disruptive when it was happening, but always better in the end.

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Recharging the Batteries


My man Harley from Shopify perfectly summed up how I was feeling yesterday: completely pumped to be getting back to work.

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I’m not sure I have any revolutionary new insights to share in this post. But having taken almost 2 weeks off, I remember what it’s like to truly recharge the batteries.

I don’t believe in work/ life balance. The best possible situation is to fluidly go in and out of “work” and other things. But if you’re doing what you love it’s never actually “work”. Continue reading Recharging the Batteries

Your 2015 Personal Roadmap


At the end of December, I recorded a short video segment for the Toronto Stock Exchange along with someother “knowledgeable” types. Each of us were asked to take a minute to share the one piece of advice that we have for founders and executives as they prepare for the new year.

It’s hard to limit yourself to just one piece of advice. There’s so much that  matters. As I thought about it, I went back to my own experience and what I am doing personally to grow in 2015 and picked the thing that matters most: developing ourselves.

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Founder to CEO: Tobias Lutke, Shopify

For my second installment of the Founder to CEO series, I’m very pleased to share my conversations with Tobi from Shopify.

I have had the pleasure of working with Tobi and the Shopify team in the past. They are building a truly special, market-leading company. Tobi comes to Canada from Germany. Before co-founding Shopify, Tobi was active in many open source projects. The best known of which is the Ruby on Rails framework where Tobi served as a core team member.

As you will learn from this post, Tobi is probably the most brilliant high school dropout you will ever meet.

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