Hiring Part Time Execs

In this World of seed / micro VC funded startups, round sizes are smaller than they used to be. That’s a good thing. But it can pose challenges when it comes to building out your management team. Either you can’t afford/ don’t need a full time exec or those execs won’t join because you don’t have enough cash in the bank to make them comfortable.

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What will your legacy be?

I think it’s fair to say that Steve Jobs is top of mind for all of us today. I rewatched his Stanford commencement speech this morning despite having seen and read it many times. And I’ve read many great tributes to him, particularly Om Malik‘s and Walt Mossberg‘s. And my twitter stream has never been so consumed with one topic than it was yesterday when the news came out.

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CEOs: The devil’s in the details

The term “CEO” conjures up these images of brave, passionate, charismatic leaders setting grand visions and winning the hearts and minds of customers, investors and employees alike. I hate that 3 person startups routinely have someone called “CEO” (kinda seems ridiculous at that stage). But whatever… every organization of any size must have a leader.

It is a truism among VCs that we invest in teams. Certainly for us at Real Ventures – since we invest at the seed level the bulk of our decision is based on the team – and the bulk of the team assessment is based on the CEO.

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