Get out of your office

In an effort to keep up with the never-ending tasks that come across our desk, it can be tempting to just hunker down behind your computer, furiously typing away e-mails, your entire day being spent inside MS Outlook. I have been guilty of this, priding myself on how productive I was.

Despite the efficiency of the medium, it’s not enough. “Managing by e-mail”, as my CEO casually told me over a beverage, isn’t the way to go. Get out from your desk. Spend time with the team. Engage, don’t just write.

As CFOs we own the back office, but are involved in one way or another across all of the business. Taking the time to build relationships across departments can help you have a big impact on the direction and results of the business.

How better to assess the strengths of your team members than to witness them in action 1st hand? This is also the only way to get the true status of key projects, customer prospects, etc?

Bottom line: getting out from your desk drives both your efficiency (since you can get answers right away) and effectiveness (since you get infinitely more visibility into the business). It also has the added benefit of making our long working days much more enjoyable…

Sustainable drive (the goose and the golden egg 2.0)

The trade-off between production and maintaining productive capacity is a universal phenomenon that has effected companies and individuals for all of time. Still, the hi-tech version of this has some unique twists.

To succeed, a startup must defy the odds by creating a brand new offering, building a company around it and getting to market before someone else does the same thing. Speed is a key success factor, not just in go to market but in driving your investors’ Internal Rate of Return (IRR) – a key metric of fund success. Speed, of course, does not lend itself to optimized work-life balance.

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