Stats are everyone’s business

When I joined my 1st startup (10 years ago next month – yikes!), we were in the business of selling software licenses. Companies placed orders, we shipped them, invoiced them and moved on. We didn’t really know if the company was having success with our software. Sure, we asked. But, we could not know for sure whether they were using our stuff.

In this era of hosted web services we can and should measure everything we can. We no longer have to rely on a customer or user telling us if they use our stuff. We know it because we can track detailed info about who the user is, how she uses the service, how you acquired that user, etc, etc.

Starting with stats

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Don’t rely on averages

If you’re in the end user game (i.e. you don’t just sell to an IT department and move on, but you actually deal with many end users all the time), it can be comforting to look at averages on your key usage metrics. However, if you really want to understand user behaviour and generate more usage, you have to go deeper.

There is no such thing as an “average” user

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