Top free resources for startups

It took me a while to warm up to it but I am loving Quora more and more. There is a wealth of information and connections on it. I can’t believe how much time people devote to answering questions on it. I wanted to draw your attention to one post from Antone Johnson a startup lawyer where he lays out his list of top free info resources for startups:

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If you love your idea, set it free….

This week I was contacted by someone with a common question about starting up:

My question is regarding intellectual property in the tech field and VC start-up: You wrote that at the pre-funding stage, all you need is a couple of slides / mock-ups. Even if you don’t know your target customer directly you can get to them. How do you ensure, if you are sharing your idea, that it won’t be stolen and copied before you get the funding needed to launch it yourself?

This is a common concern. You don’t want to share your idea for fear that someone will steal it. My feeling is that ideas are not where the value is. I thought of Yammer a few months after I got on Twitter (and long before Yammer was born) and I did nothing about it. There is zero value in that.

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Free legal tools for your startup

Legal River, a graduate from Launchbox Digitalreleased some free tools yesterday that might be of interest to your startup.

In partnership with a local law firm they have released a generator for Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy. These are two required elements for anyone offering a web service.

I gave it a test run yesterday. Works well. So far, it only works in the U.S. But that’s a pretty big market. If you’re looking to skip the lawyers till you have more funding, check out these tools.

Sell yourself

I met with an entrepreneur this week who is building a web service that tackles a very big problem. In his case, there are diverse customer needs. Every customer needs something slightly different. One of the big challenges will be to come up with a standardized set of requirements that best fits those needs. The other challenge is to satisfy them in an easy to use, compelling web service.

The entrepreneur himself has clear expertise in the space. He undersands the market pain because he lives it himself daily. What he lacks (like everyone who’s just starting out) is capital and resources.

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