Flow’s at it again

The funds are flowing at Flow Ventures again as they just announced their 2nd investment – Artanywhere. Artanywhere sounds like an interesting and unique business.

Flow has an interesting approach mixing capital with very hands on involvement and acceleration. In this case, their involvement was so hands-on that they created and spun-out this company out of Flow Ventures itself.

Congrats to everyone involved. Look forward to the launch in the Fall.

10 years and counting

Ten years ago this week, I joined my 1st startup, Silanis Technology as their finance leader. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the beginning of a very long term direction for me: funding, growing and exiting startups.

Its been a fun ride so far. I lived the tail end of the bubble when Red Herring and Industry Standard came out weekly and looked like mini phone books. Went to huge industry bashes sponsored by companies burning millions per month. I lived the nuclear Winter that followed that bubble. And have enjoyed some good results since that bottom in 2002. And all along the way, I have met and worked with great entrepreneurs, operators and investors.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 10 years bring.

Facebook announces new CFO + move to Montreal..

The big news in tech finance circles yesterday was Facebook’s announcement that they had let go finance chief Gideon Yu. Gideon had hoped would be his “last job for a long time” but alas this was not to be.

After an exhaustive executive search process that begun yesterday after lunch I am pleased to report that Facebook has hired me as their new CFO. I will continue my duties as CFO at Akoha and Tungle, but with Facebook my plate is now full.

This announcement continues a growing trend of Silicon Valley companies hiring Montreal finance chiefs. This began with Google when they hired Patrick Pichette as CFO.

Unlike Google, however, as part of their decision to hire me, Facebook will be moving its executive offices to Montreal. We have not set a date for the move yet.

Facabook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg commented on the hiring saying: “We are extremely pleased to bring Mark on board as CFO. He brings a wealth of expertise in all areas except NASDAQ offerings. So we will be postponing indefinitely any plans to go public“.

I can’t comment on my negotiations with Facebook which took place over cocktails last night. All I can say is Mark agreed to give up his e-mail address. You can now reach me at mark@facebook.com.