The Beginner’s Mind


There’s a concept in Zen Buddhism, called “Shoshin” – beginner’s mind (no, I’m not a zen Buddhist…). This is about always having an attitude of openness and being willing to learn. We can learn from every moment, no matter how old or experienced we are.

Today, I have a new associate starting at SurePath. He already has some great experience, including working on a startup, getting his CPA designation and working in the M & A practice at KPMG. But relatively speaking, he’s at the beginning of his career path.

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Show me the future


A lot has been written about how to create a great investor pitch. I won’t try and repeat those posts here. Just check out this great reference template and build from there.

Having reviewed hundreds of pitch decks over the years, there’s one thing that stands out in the best of them: they tell me about a future that has yet to happen. A future that this company is uniquely positioned to turn into reality.

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Fundraising Advice from Mark Organ

Screenshot 2015-08-24 09.09.05

There’s lots of noise out there on the twitter-sphere, but at least once/ day there’s gold. Today’s gold came in the form of a tweet-storm by Influitive‘s founder and CEO Mark Organ. Mark shares some great advice on fundraising. The thing with tweet-storms is they really should be blog posts. So, here you go: Read More

The Zirtual fiasco

As a former part time CFO I’ve been following the sudden demise of Zirtual with great interest. If you haven’t been following along, the company shut down last weekend with no warning. The founder blames her part time CFO, Ryan Keating. Here’s my take:

Whether you hire someone full time or part time, you can delegate but should never abdicate responsibility. Zirtual’s founder says her company failed because her part time CFO failed to forecast 3 payroll periods instead of 2 in a month. That’s BS.

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