7 lessons from the Dollar Shave Club Acquisition


The big news in the e-commerce World this week is Unilever’s purchase of Dollar Shave Club (DSC) for a cool $1B (cue the Dr. Evil laugh).

The simplest of ideas has gone from start to $1B in 5 years. This at a time when e-commerce has been going through ups and downs.

E-commerce is one of our three focus areas at SurePath. So, we have followed this company with interest. Here are my top 7 lessons from this runaway success. Some of them are counter to prevailing investor wisdom and how to win in e-ecommerce. Continue reading 7 lessons from the Dollar Shave Club Acquisition

The Plumbing Business

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace – these are some of the most visible and valuable tech companies around. They consume vast portions of our time and thought. They inspire us to follow in their footsteps and build the next great consumer internet success.

But behind these highly visible companies lie many hugely successful companies that we never think about. I call these guys the plumbers. And from where I stand, being in the plumbing business can have a much higher probability of success than being in the business of needing a plumber. Let’s take a look.

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The 5th P – Platform

If you’re a student of marketing then you know all about the four Ps: Product, Placement, Price, Promotion. These are the basic building blocks of your marketing strategy. I would argue that when it comes to web / software technologies you need a fifth P: platform.

In today’s interconnected World, you cannot be an island. You must be standards-based, interoperable, mashable, etc, etc. It’s also not enough to offer a cool product or service. This service must sit on top of a platform.

What do we mean by platform? Simply, an underlying framework consisting of a code base, set of APIs, documentation, feature sets and extensions that can be leveraged internally by your R &D team and externally by your ecosystem.

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