Achieving big exits in the SMB sector

I gave a talk this week at the Small Business Web Annual Summit on how to achieve big exits for startups serving the SMB Sector. If you don’t know about the Small Business Web Association (and your startup serves SMB), you should sign up. The event featured execs from 400 SMB-focused companies. It was a great opportunity to connect and compare notes on growing great companies in this sector.

Anyway, my talk was on SMB exits. The SurePath team helped me crunch a bunch of data, looking at IPOs, acquisitions, who the most active SMB buyers are and what the key success factors are for companies that achieved great exits in this space.

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How do you know when to exit your company?


When should you sell your company? It’s hard to think about a more important question. Sometimes you have no choice. If you’re running out of cash, with no hopes of raising more, it’s a simple decision. Hopefully, you do have the choice. If so, here are the times when I think it makes sense to take the exit:

Lack of Direction

Sometimes you just run out of ideas. You have no clear end vision. You don’t know where to take the company next. Maybe the market is moving quickly and you just don’t know how to respond.

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