Why I hate White Labeling for Startups

As an early stage investor, I meet MANY startups. Very often when I am talking to them about business model, growth plans, etc – they bring up white labeling. For many reasons, I think this is a bad idea for startups.

Other than a few select startups that start out with the sole intention of building a white label business (Cakemail has done this for email marketing software as one example), the vast majority of startups don’t think of white label on day one. They think about it when things are not going as well as planned in their core business and/ or they are approach and react to inbound interest vs looking for white label partners.

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M & A: The VC Perspective

I was in Toronto this week to speak along with Dan Martell on M & A at PwC’s Vision to Reality Conference. It was a great event capped off with a key note by Mr. Lean Startup himself – Eric Ries. My job was to look at M & A from the VC or investor perspective. Here are the slides. I have heard videos from the day will be up soon.