Closing the gap in Canadian exits

Techvibes reposted some extensive research from the folks at MaRS on exit outcomes in Canada along with a long list of observations and recommendations for all of us building startups in Canada. There’s much I dislike about this research. For one thing, it’s all very backwards-looking. Also, seeking the insights of a fund that has long since run out of capital and stopped making investments (in Canada or anywhere) just because they have the historical high water mark in terms of number of US investments seems silly. Finally, the conclusion that we need to go move (in whole or in part) to the US is just downright annoying.

But lets park those concerns and focus on one issue: Exit sizes.

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Building Great Startup Cities

When you think of great places to build, grow and sell a startup, Silicon Valley is the mecca. But increasingly, innovation is global and great companies are being built everywhere.

On July 18th I will be on a panel with the mayor of Waterloo (a city that is a prime location for startups) as part of a unique conference looking at the role of cities in fostering innovation.

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