Accounting 2.0

For some strange reason, people think that accounting and accountants are not all that exciting. So, I am pleased to see accounting startups hitting the headlines and making watching your numbers cool again.

While I love and use Freshbooks for invoicing, I have yet to make the switch to the web for running the accounting for my business. Believe me, I would love to. Not only do I oversee the books for my business but also for many of the startups I am involved in. If I only had to open my browser to access the books for these companies, I’d be a happy guy. But, I am not sure if these new accounting apps are ready for prime time.

Techcrunch covered newcomer Outright yesterday. I have begun playing around with it. I’ve also spent time in packages like Less Accounting, Xero and Canada’s own Clarity Accounting. They all serve a need, but are not true accounting packages in my view.

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